Millions of people around the world volunteer their time for the benefit of others, both in their home communities and abroad.  In Cambodia many people are moved by what they read about the country or witness with their own eyes during a visit and are motivated to give up their time, and invariably their money, to come and help in some way.

To realise that so many of the basic things that are taken for granted, (sufficient food, clean water, housing, education, healthcare, electricity, sanitation, state support for families in crisis etc), are not guaranteed for many people in Cambodia often has a very profound impact.  Recognising that there are fellow human beings in great need and then trying to do something about it is without doubt a very positive action.

Volunteering can bring benefits for all concerned.  The best placements enable you to have a rewarding and meaningful time whilst also bringing useful support to the project and the people you want to help.  By contrast, inappropriate volunteering can undermine local people’s confidence, impose the volunteer’s agenda, increase the dependency on outside help, unwittingly support and perpetuate questionable projects and practices, and create more problems than it solves.

At ConCERT we have been placing volunteers in and around Siem Reap since 2008.  We can assist you in finding an appropriate volunteering experience and save you the time and effort of searching and contacting different organisations on your own.  We have around 20 local projects where we can place volunteers.  These are well run projects working closely with local people towards a better future for Cambodia.  We have detailed knowledge of what they need and will place you with a project where their needs match your skills and interests.  Our goal is to ensure that your volunteering will be constructive, contributing towards the long term goals of the project and the local community it serves.

Between them our member projects cover a wide range of community development initiatives and support activities including:   education programmes, childcare, agricultural development, healthcare, water access, environmental conservation & biodiversity protection, vocational training

Our partner organisations need skills such as:

English teaching, childcare, social work, administrative work, IT skills, manual work, graphic design, photography, activity planning, fundraising and marketing

The ConCERT Volunteer Service Costs from US$320.00 for 1 week excluding accommodation

What’s included in the cost:

  • Application process:
    • Reviewing your application form, interests and availability
    • Contacting our member organisations to find a volunteering project that matches your interests with the type of support that is needed
    • Sending you a detailed description of the of the placement for your acceptance/rejection
    • Confirming your placement
    • Comprehensive pre-departure information
  • Transport/communications:
    • Free bike during your stay ($50 deposit required, which is refunded on returning the bike and lock)
    • Local SIM card
  • Briefing/introductions:
    • Collection from the airport if you arrive in Siem Reap by plane
    • A familiarisation tour of the town
    • Information on the following topics: health/hygiene/drinking water/food; safety and local security issues; money; communication; emergency contact; extending visas; social events
    • An introduction to the project team and accompanying you to the project on the first day
    • A half day workshop covering an introduction to Cambodia and child protection issues (these happen every 2 weeks so may not be available during a short placement)
    • Regular meetings at your project site to review your volunteering placement
  • 24 hour in country support
    • Volunteer coordinator on call 24/7
  • A minimum of 25% of our income from the programme fee is donated to projects in Siem Reap

    • ($100 for 1 week, $150 or 25%, (whichever is the greater), for all other durations)

What’s NOT included

  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Meals  


  • 1 week US$320
  • 2 weeks US$480
  • 3 weeks US$580
  • 4 weeks US$640
  • 5 weeks US$670
  • 6 weeks US$700
  • 7 weeks US$730
  • 8 weeks US$760
  • Please ask if you would like to volunteer for more than 8 weeks

Are you wishing to volunteer as a group (8+ persons)? In this case please contact us directly so we can discuss the details of your group visit.

Terms and conditions – the large print…

  1. Our volunteer service is limited to the items listed above
  2. You must be 18 years old or over at the commencement of your placement; (some placements accept children under 18 if accompanied by an adult who will take full responsibility for them)
  3. You are responsible for your own actions and safety at all times and you must arrange travel insurance that covers volunteering and emergency evacuation
  4. Transport to and from the project: a bicycle is provided for travel to and from your placement, and for your general use during your stay. If you do not wish to cycle to your placement then you will be responsible for arranging and paying for alternative transport
  5. You must agree to follow the requirements of the organisation where you are placed that relate to volunteers, and you will be informed of these before you confirm your placement. For example, if you work with children you will be required to comply with the child protection requirements of the organisation where you are placed and may need to provide a police check
  6. Our fee is only payable upon confirming a suitable placement with you and is due 3 weeks before your start date, or upon confirmation if you book within 3 weeks of your start date. (We are driven by the needs of our member projects and there may be occasions when we are unable to find a placement that matches your requirements, in which case there would be no fee to pay).
  7. We will introduce you to your project upon receipt of your fee so you can make contact and prepare for your visit. If you wish to make direct contact with the project earlier than 6 weeks before your placement commences then you may pay your fee earlier

How to apply?