Several of the projects we promote can use some volunteer help from time to time.  They all have minimum periods so the longer you can commit to the better

Between them our member projects cover a wide range of community development initiatives and support activities including:   education programmes, childcare, agricultural development, healthcare, water access, environmental conservation & biodiversity protection, vocational training

Our partner organisations need skills such as:

English teaching, childcare, social work, administrative work, IT skills, manual work, graphic design, photography, activity planning, fundraising and marketing

We offer free information and advice about volunteering, and for a fee, we can arrange a volunteer placement for you that matches up the current needs of our projects with your skills and experience.  Follow the link for information about our volunteer service

If you don’t have enough time to volunteer we can tell you about the many other ways you can offer your support during your stay.

Please be aware!

Whilst the vast majority of people involved in supporting the most vulnerable are genuine, there will always be a small minority who take advantage of people’s situations for their own benefit.

You can play a vital part in combating child abuse and other problems.

In addition to the steps taken by the projects themselves, as someone from outside the project, you have a parallel responsibility to be vigilant during your placement.  Don’t hesitate to report any wrong doings or suspicious behaviour relating to child maltreatment or abuse, or any other malpractice.

If you fail to get a satisfactory response from the management, report your concerns to ConCERT who can put you in touch with the relevant authorities.

Problems can occur even in the best run projects.