How you can help

During your stay you may see something that makes you want to help, or you may want to find out more about what is being done.  At ConCERT you will find information on a range of activities that need your support.  There are projects engaged in most aspects of community development and poverty alleviation.

You can drop in at the ConCERT office or information points when you get to Siem Reap.  Our staff will be happy to chat about the various ways you can help.  They will also be pleased to share with you information about the wider issues in Cambodia.

There are several ways you can support local communities:

One off donations

Funds to cover day to day running costs are always needed.  In addition, here are a few ideas of the things that the local projects need:

  • Bicycle                           $45
  • School uniform             $5
  • Sewing machine       $200
  • Bag of rice                    $25
  • Water filter                   $80
  • Mosquito net                  $5

Regular sponsorships

Sponsorships give projects the chance of a regular income.  Whilst most people now recognise the issues around sponsoring individual children, there are many other ways to help such as sponsoring a teacher’s salary, or the electricity bill, or school supplies, or a training event, or rent, or a hundred other things.


Several of the projects we promote can use some volunteer help from time to time.  They all have minimum periods so the longer you can commit to the better

We offer free information and advice about volunteering, and for a fee, we can arrange a volunteer placement for you that matches up the current needs of our projects with your skills and experience

If you don’t have enough time to volunteer we can tell you about the many other ways you can offer your support during your stay

Raising awareness

Become an ambassador; promote and support your chosen project, both here in Cambodia and back at home.  You can do this through arranging fund raising events, establishing  support groups, developing links with schools and other organisations back home

Taking an ecotour

Several local projects provide community-based ecotours that support local people and the environment as well as giving you a more meaningful experience

Giving blood

Siem Reap is lucky to have 2 children’s hospitals run by international projects.  Between them they see many hundreds of cases each day and their success means that they have a large and increasing demand for blood.  The blood donation facilities in both are of the highest international standards, and it is a valuable way to offer your support.  Please contact the hospitals below to find out how you can donate blood during your stay.

Angkor Hospital for Children
Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital

Eating and drinking!

Visit one of the restaurants and cafés run by local projects

Souvenirs with a difference

Ask us about places in town where you can buy genuine Cambodian crafts, and where the funds go to support local communities.