About Handicap International in Cambodia

Bou SavyHandicap International has been working with the Cambodian people since 1982, initially to provide mine accident survivors with orthopaedic devices. Over the past 25 years, the initiatives have diversified to follow the changing needs of people with disabilities. Their total number is officially estimated around 4%of the population, but the reality corresponds to twice this figure.

In 2007, a two-part pilot project on landmines was launched. In the first part, the district police were educated about an Act that bans the collecting or stockpiling of unexploded ordnance (UXO) scrap metal, so that they, in turn, can educate their local-level counterparts and scrap metal merchants. With the other part of the project, Handicap International is helping people find an alternative source of income other than by collecting metal, and referring them to other associations that can include them in income-generating projects.

As part of the Act on Road Safety, we will also work on a national safety helmets plan. Finally, standing by a progressive and nevertheless deep reorientation of its priorities, the organisation will also contribute towards improving the rights of disabled people. One of two new projects, 'Notre village, notre voix' ('Our village, our voice') relies on community. The second one consists in supporting the CDPO (Cambodian Disabled Peoples' Organisation) on a national level.

For more details, visit http://en.handicapinternational.be/Cambodia_r259.html